About this Second Life Thing

After reading about Second Life at Scoble’s blog and elsewhere, I gave it a try tonight. My thoughts later, but first a question.

Is this related to that deal that AOL (or maybe it was Compuserve?) launched or almost did 10 or so years ago? A long, long time ago I was a beta tester for something very similar. I can’t remember what it was called- maybe something “scapes?” Anyway, I was a beta tester along with a ton of other people, which meant we had many months of free service. It was pretty amazing by the standards of the day. Once it went live, I didn’t want to pay for it, so I never signed up. That spelled the end of my great avatars, Fritz the Cat and Shakes the Clown.

Anybody remember what I’m talking about?

So tonight I sign up (Ezra Snickerdoodle) and create a cyber-Kent/Ezra and wonder around the place a bit. Again, this is very, very similar to that deal I talked about above.

second life avatar

It is a pretty cool deal, but I really need to go when someone I know will be there, since I’m not much into the chat scene and am probably about 100 years older than the next oldest person in there.

The one problem I had, which is what made me stop playing Doom back in the day, is that I start feeling motion sick when I walk or fly (I had that dream as a kid) around.

I don’t know that Second Life has much appeal for me, but I can sure see how kids would dig it.