Jukebox, Annotated

You know the drill. Open up your jukebox of choice, point the shuffle feature to your entire library of songs and list, without exception, the first 10 or so songs that play. I like to add a little commentary about some of the artists, songs, albums, etc.

First Days of Fall – Tim O’Brien (When No One’s Around) (1)
Just this Morning – The Silos (Cuba) (2)
Seminole Jail – Rusty Wier (Rusty Wier) (3)
You Win Again – Grateful Dead (Europe ’72) (4)
Broken Hearted People – Guy Clark (Texas Cookin’) (5)
I Love You So Much It Hurts – John Prine (Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings) (6)
China Grove – The Doobie Brothers (The Captain and Me) (7)
Midnight and Lonesome – Buddy Miller (Midnight and Lonesome) (8)
Pet Sounds – Beach Boys (Pet Sounds) (9)
Jemima James – Phill Lee (You Should Have Known Me Then) (10)

(1) One of the best songs on Tim’s best record. Great singing and great playing.

(2) An OK song on a very good record.

(3) Fine song off of a very hard to find record.

(4) A great song off of the Grateful Dead record that I listen to more than any other.

(5) Good song off one of my favorite Guy Clark records.

(6) Not one of my favorite songs off the record containing my favorite John Prine song, Lake Marie.

(7) Simply one of the main songs on the soundtrack to my youth. As good as it gets.

(8) A great song by one of the best real country singers working today.

(9) The instrumental title track to one of my all-time favorite records. This record is a must-own.

(10) I’ve raved about Phil Lee here many times. This is not one of my favorites, but it’s pretty good and it’s on a great record.

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