ScobleFeeds A-Z: The S’s

This is part nineteen of my A-Z review of Scoble‘s feeds. The rules and criteria are here.

There are tons and tons of S’s, but I narrowed it down to two:

Simon Speight (RSS Feed)

Seth Godin’s Blog (RSS Feed)

Simon Speight’s blog has a lot of good, useful tech-related topics. It also has the best and probably only zoo joke.

Seth Godin’s Blog is, well, Seth Godin’s blog. He is a marketing expert and author. He does a fantastic job of writing about interesting things and hitting the sweetspot in terms of breadth of topics.

Honorable Mention:

Scobleizer (RSS Feed) (ineligible because obviously I already read it)

Sifry’s Alerts (RSS Feed) (ineligible because I already read it)

Solution Watch (RSS Feed) (ineligible for the same reason)

Scripting News (RSS Feed) (ineligible for the same reason)