Web 2.0 Wars: Round 9

It’s time for Round 9 in Newsome.Org’s Web 2.0 Wars. The contestants and rules are here.

This is the final heat of the first Round. The playoffs will be next.

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Here are the contestants for Round 9:


AllPeers is a Firefox extension based on a bittorent application that allows groups of buddies to share files. I have not used it, but it looks very, very cool.

Orb is an online application that allows you to stream live and recorded TV, photoes and audio files to any wifi device.

Rallypoint is a web based collaboration tool where groups can create and share documents. The web page is thin on detail.

Zoozio is a customized portal creator, similar to Netvibes and Pageflakes. It is not yet live and there are no details on their web page. This is a crowded space.

Blogbeat is a stats tracking service for blogs. It’s cheap (starting at $6 a month), but Google Analytics is free.

Ziggs is a people search for professionals. I suppose amateurs have to look elsewhere. You can have a listing for free or pay a little for search engine optimization.

Zoto is a photo storage and sharing site, similar to Flickr, except that I’ve heard of Flickr. May be a great service, but a lot of others have more mindshare.

vSocial is a video clip storage and sharing site. Again, where’s the FAQ? People want to see an FAQ.

Boltfolio is a media storage and organization service. It seems to want to be the Flickr of video. But it’s not. I am not crazy about the interface.

Wink combines a search engine with the social network implications of tagging. It incorporates tag results from other services like Delicious, Digg, etc. The search database seems pretty deep. I think it has potential.

Before Today I’d Heard of:

0 out of 10. Our second 0’fer.

And the Winner of Round 9 is:

AllPeers, a unique idea that could be very useful to a lot of people.

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