MPAA: Grabbing for the Cat, But to What End?

Today comes word that the MPAA has filed a new round of lawsuits in a continuing effort to stuff the cat bag into the bag.

I have a few questions.

emptybagDo the MPAA and its even more aggressive cousin the RIAA really think they can curb file sharing by suing a bunch of random people once in a while? Do they also think it’s possible to make water naturally flow up hill?

I don’t think anyone at the RIAA or the MPAA really believes they can curb file sharing. It’s too late and they have to know that. So what is the real goal here? Are they trying to slow down the growth of file sharing while they come up with some technological solution?

Do they understand that the only people they are hurting by mandating DRM-infested product are themselves and the remainder of their once loyal customer base? Surely they know hacker technology will trump copy protection every time.

Is the plan, or part of it, to force us to buy the same thing over and over? Is that how they think they can save their dying business model?

If it’s OK to sue a search engine that allows someone to search for pirated material, where’s the line? Is it OK to sue the companies who make the computers that allow someone to access the search engine that allows someone to search for pirated material?

I want someone of importance at one of these organizations to tell me what the real goal is here? Not the scorched earth campaign to spread fear of litigation, but the realistic one that they must have talked about.

So tell me, exactly, what is the end game in this futile effort to stuff the cat back into the bag.

I really want to know.

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