ScobleFeeds A-Z: The R’s

This is part eighteen of my A-Z review of Scoble‘s feeds. The rules and criteria are here.

There are tons of R’s, and here are the best ones:

Ratcliffe Blog (RSS Feed)

Raw (RSS Feed)

Rexblog (RSS Feed)

I am utterly uninterested in politics, but I find Ratcliffe Blog extremely interesting, even though (and perhaps because) I don’t agree with everything Mitch Ratcliffe writes. But he writes well and makes me think.

Raw is Danny Ayers’ blog about various internet and tech stuff. Good mix of topics and good writing.

Rexblog is Rex Hammock’s blog. Good range of topics, with some local Nashville coverage. As an ex-Nashville resident, I enjoy both the marketing, tech, music and local stuff.

Honorable Mention: