This and That

A few things in no particular order.


After seeing this indescribably juvenile ad, I regret and retract all the nice things I had to say about Tagworld.


If that’s the sort of brain-dead, lowest common denominator advertising they are doing, I want no part of it. So what if they are targeting young people. What kind of message is this sending them?

Tagworld won Round 4 of the Web 2.0 wars, but it’s just been DQ’ed for stupidity. Runner-up Tailrank will take its place in the playoffs.

Blogging Round-Up

Susan Getgood has a great roundup of recent posts talking about the evolving nature of blogs. She also says some nice words about a couple of my posts, for which I am deeply grateful.

Susan is doing a Blogging for Business Workshop at the University of Wisconsin on March 17.

The Argument for Partial Feeds

Amy Gahran explains why she streams partial RSS feeds. I’m on the other side of this debate, but if anyone in the world could talk me into using partial feeds, it would be Amy.