My Favorite Records:Elvis Costello – Almost Blue

This is the another installment in my series of favorite records.

The first half of the eighties was a fantastic time for me musically. I was living in Nashville, listening to a ton of good music, writing a little with some other songwriters and generally having a good time. Among the best music I heard while I was living there was early Webb Wilder, Raging Fire, John Scott Sherrill, very early REM and one of the best country records I have ever heard. By Elvis Costello

almostblueThat record is his 1981 record Almost Blue. It’s a fantastic record of awesome covers of great country songs, including Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down, Good Year for the Roses and I’m Your Toy. Be sure to get the 2 disk re-release, which has another disk of bonus songs, including my favorite song on the record, Psycho.

People who haven’t heard Elvis do country probably either can’t believe it or assume he did it as satire. Wrong on both counts, as this is one of the best, straight-up country records ever made.

1977’s My Aim is True turned me onto Elvis, but this record made me a huge fan