Steve Rubel Goes Over the Wall

Steve announced today that he’s leaving CooperKatz and going to work for Edelman, a big PR firm. First of all congratulations and good luck to Steve. And congratulations to Edelman, they got the most well known PR guy on the web, and the guy who just happens to be the single best example of how to use a blog to enhance your business.

I can tell you from my marketing experience that when you can walk into a pitch and say not only “here’s how it can be done,” but also, “and here’s exactly how I did it,” it’s a game-over moment. There is no substitute for walking the walk.

Steve’s news is post-worthy for sure, but what I really enjoyed about his post is the mini-history lesson he gives about his entry into the blogosphere. As a relative new kid on the block (I started using blog software to publish content at Newsome.Org in the fall of 2004, but I didn’t really start blogging until June 2005), this was very interesting reading.

Steve posted his first entry on April 18, 2004. In May 2005 he (along with Dave Sifry, who I hope is fixing the Groundhog Day problems that have beset me and many others, Dan Gillmor and others) was featured in a Business Week story about blogging. That story was written less than one year ago- this reminds us all that the whole blogging thing is still in its infancy.

The best news of all is that Steve will keep blogging at MicroPersuasion, and since he’s probably getting a fat raise, he’ll have to come up with a lot of new and interesting ideas for us to read about.