Authority and the Groundhog Day Problem

groundhogAnother problem with the new Technorati Authority filter is that many of us are Bill Murrays caught in our own little Groundhog Day where authority is concerned.

Duncan has posted about the problem twice at The Blog Herald and I have posted about it here as well. While I am a self-appointed customer evangelist for Technorati and Dave has a perfect track record of fixing the problem when I go long, it does seem to be a recurring problem.

For whatever reason, my link numbers and those of several others get stuck. I’m stuck at 80 sites and 142 links right now and have been for a few weeks. Every time I get a new link, my oldest one falls off. I probably have between 50 and 100 links that have been temporarily lost (they come back when Dave asks Niall to reboot the list). So this means that as I get more and more links (hopefully due to all the hard work I put in writing and conversing), more and more links fall off the back end. I’m working hard every day, but my authority level stays the same because of this problem.

As I have said before, I am certain Technorati will get this issue fixed. And if I were the only one it was happening to, I wouldn’t even post about it. In fact, I feel like a whiner talking about it, but Technorati is a great service and it’s more important that we iron out the wrinkles than it is to protect my manly image. So I’ll take one for the team and whine a little.

It will be fixed. But in the meantime, it’s frustrating. Especially now that our link counts affect the way the filter treats us.

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