ScobleFeeds A-Z: The P’s

This is part sixteen of my A-Z review of Scoble‘s feeds. The rules and criteria are here.

Lots of good P’s, and here are the best ones:

Portals and KM (RSS Feed)

ProgrammableWeb (RSS Feed)

Portals and KM is a broadly focused blog on topics ranging from portals to blogs to good restaurants.

ProgrammableWeb is a web-as-platform reference site and blog delivering news, information and resources for developing applications using the Web 2.0 APIs. The description sounds really boring, but the blog is very interesting.

Honorable Mention:

Performancing (RSS Feed) (ineligible because I already read it)

PVR Blog (RSS Feed) (ineligible for the same reason)

Paul’s Down-Home Page (RSS Feed) (would be the winner if there were more recent posts)

Podcasting News (RSS Feed)