Turns Out I Did Have Something to Add

Dave Winer posted some thoughts about the gatekeeper thing. Primarily that those of us talking about it are whiners. As I said the other day, this is why I read Dave’s blog- he isn’t afraid to challenge people about their conclusions.

So now that I’m allowed to be heard (or read) at Dave’s blog, I decided to take up the debate.

I won’t post my entire comment, you can read it at Dave’s blog. But the gist of it is:

1) While I recognize and even said in my posts that my gatekeeper discussion might be viewed as whining, I don’t have much of a reason to whine at this point, since I get meme tracked and linked to fairly regularly. My point is merely to promote inclusion for everyone based on merit and not affinity or greed.

2) Blogging done primarily as a way to make money perverts the pure conversational purpose that I and others believe (or at least wish) blogs should serve by injecting an element of competition. Whining, maybe. Accurate, absolutely. See JKOnTheRun’s post today about blog networks changing links.

3) The formal or informal establishment of a blogging elite (be I a part of said elite or not) creates a de facto gatekeeper between the content providers and the content readers that is not unlike the old media system where the media companies control who sees and hears what. Inevitable, perhaps. Inconsistent with the move to the edge engendered by citizen media movement, I think so.

I don’t know if we’ll change each others’ minds, but at least there’s now a platform to talk about it.