Why Isn't There a Texas Version of Gillmor Gang?

I just listened to the latest Gillmor Gang podcast. Gabe Rivera of Memeorandum was a guest. Mike Arrington seems to have joined the gang. Doc Searls, Dan Farber and Steve Gillmor were also in attendance.

Lots of great conversation both with Gabe about Memeorandum and about blogs and meme trackers in general. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast.

Why isn’t there a local, Texas based, group podcast with a similar tech-wide approach? I like reading these guys’ blogs, but the interaction on the podcast was so interesting.

Or is there a local group podcast like this that I don’t know about?

Dwight Silverman, James Kendrick (who does a great mobile tech podcast already), other Texas based tech bloggers: why aren’t we doing something like this?

I realize that Gillmor Gang is a hugely popular podcast of national interest, but it seems to me that something like this would be of interest to local readers and listeners.