Technorati: I’m Open in the End Zone


As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have become a customer evangelist for Technorati. I think it is the backbone of the blogosphere and use it daily to find posts to read on whatever topic I am thinking about at the time. I also use it to find inbound links so I can return the link via the Most Recent Inbound Links list on the right side of the main Newsome.Org page.

I’ve had technical problems with Technorati before. Dave Sifry threw me the 99 yard pass of tech support back in December. After that, things worked great, for a while. Then I noticed some hiccups. First, some of my own posts started showing up in my inbound links search results. Then my posts went away, and I thought the problem was fixed. Then about half of my inbound links just disappeared, with no links over 21 days old appearing in my search results. Then the list kept shrinking.

As of today, the oldest link that shows up is only 19 days old. My link numbers are less than half what they were a couple of weeks ago.

I wrote Technorati via the contact link several days ago. No response yet.

I have been hesitant to even mention these problems because I figured Technorati would fix whatever the problem is and I couldn’t be sure that this problem wasn’t unique to me. Then I read this post at The Blog Herald, and the comments thereto. It seems I am not the only user experiencing problems.

I still love Technorati. And I believe these problems will be fixed. I just hope they are fixed soon so I can continue to rely on Technorati.

Dave, I’m open- hit me!

UPDATE: Once again, Dave comes to the rescue (via the Comments below). Technorati is growing fast, and there will always be growing pains when you have to scale at the speed of clicks. But they are building a ton of goodwill and a legion of customer evangelists by being a positive and responsive presence in the blogosphere. I really like this company a lot. Maybe when they get huge I can be their Scoble!

Dave indicates in a comment to The Blog Herald post that third party pingers may be causing some of the problems. I am going to take Dave’s advice and only ping Technorati directly from now on. I suggest that anyone having similar problems do the same.

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