2 Things I Gotta Know About Netflix


I’ve been using Netflix for about nine months. It’s cheaper that the pay-per-view I used to use on that TIVO-hating DirecTV, it has a much wider selection, and movies take an average of one day to get to and from my front door and the local Netflix distribution facility. I put two returns in the mail on Tuesday and I got two more yesterday. This is not an exception; it’s the rule.

So here are my questions:

1) If you watch movies, why in the world would you not be a Netflix customer? I really want to know. If you rent movies but don’t use Netflix please tell me why. Comments preferred so we can all talk about it.

2) How in the world can something this cool and inexpensive make enough money to last? You know that “this is too good to be true” feeling. Well I have it where Netflix is concerned. Someone give me hope that I am going to be able to use Netflix forever. Mr. Netflix, raise the monthly charge before you let yourself go out of business, ya hear.

Someone help me out here.