A Link I Like, a Link I Don't

Here are my do and don’t links for 1/16/06:

One I Do:

Susan Getgood really gives it to Steve Rubel in this post for basically telling people he’s too busy to read their emails and suggesting they start trying to get links from less popular blogs and try to work up to a link from him. While I agree with Steve that begging for links is not the way to get them (Scoble has the best advice for getting them), I find the tone of his post to be pretty arrogant. I love Susan’s “watch out for exploding egos” line.

Again, I largely agree with what I think he’s trying to say, but I don’t like the way he said it.

One I Don’t:

Duncan Riley is selling The Blog Herald. I enjoy Duncan’s writing and hate to see one of my daily reads go on the block. Hopefully, Duncan will start a new blog at some point, because he seems to be one of the good guys.