More Technorati Speculation

Stephen Baker over at Business Week continued the “who will buy Technorati” prediction contest today by reaffirming his choice of Microsoft as the likely buyer. Mike Arrington’s choice is Yahoo, and of course mine is Google, for the reasons stated here.

The interesting thing about Stephen’s latest post is that it reminds us that the price for Technorati has probably gone up now that Technorati has seemingly overcome its scaling problems and made its service faster and more reliable. Technorati is run by some smart folks and I imagine they turned down some overtures in 2005 that would have netted a good, but not astronomical price.

That is starting to look like a brilliant move. Now that Yahoo has snapped up Delicious and Flickr, Microsoft and Google have to either pay through the nose (perhaps in a secret bidding war with each other) or let Yahoo take a commanding and perhaps overwhelming lead in the Web 2.0 race. A hobson’s choice for them but a dream come true for Technorati.

My choice remains Google, but the Rupert Mountjoy fan in me thinks it would be hilarious if Technorati tried to buy Yahoo, Google and Microsoft.