10 Web Trends that Should Die in 2006

Google Blogoscoped posted this list yesterday. I agree with most of it. Here’s my take on the ones I really care about.

1) Splitting Up Articles into Pages

This drives me nuts and will absolutely cause me to stop reading a site even faster that partial feeds will cause me to stop reading a feed. It’s not about pages loading faster, it’s about clicks and ad serving. I agree that this should stop.

2) Artistic Navigation

I don’t mind something artsy as long as I can find my way around. I am amazed at how many sites hide navigational links or dress them up too much. I want finding my way around a website to be like turning a page in a book, not like walking through a museum. If I want art, I’ll get it some place else.

I would add flash pages to this list as well. When I get to one of those flash front door pages, I immediately move along. I can’t tell you how much I disike flash-heavy sites.

3) Spam

Spam will be defeated by technology, not by morality or legislation. If we can put some spammers in jail, I’m all for it. But I rely on good filters to protect me from spam.

4) Writing to Low Bandwidth

I’m sorry the four people still on dial-up can’t efficiently use a web site, but the whole reason most people have high bandwith is for high bandwidth stuff. I agree that we can’t write web sites for dial-up any more.

5) Firefox Hubris

I’m not with them on this one. I was a huge Firefox doubter- until I used it. It’s not really Firefox that is so much better. It’s Firefox plus all the extensions and add-ons.

6) Tiny Fonts

I too am amazed at the sites that are virtually unreadable because of the tiny fonts. Lose them or lose readers.

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