Want to Read Newsome.Org Via Email?

While I believe the best way to read any blog, including mine, is by visiting this page or subscribing to my RSS Feed, I know I have quite a few readers who prefer to get their news the old-fashioned way- via email.

Now you can subscribe to Newsome.Org via email. See the Email Feed blank in the left column of this page (you may have to scroll down a little)? Simply fill in your email address and click Subscribe. You’ll be emailed a link to click on (to prove that it’s a real email address) and then you’re subscribed. You’ll get one email a day containing the stories that appear on this page that day.

You can unsubscribe any time.

Again, I prefer to visit a page or read the RSS feed, but if you prefer the email option, it’s an option that’s now available.