Top 10 Tech Products of 2005

2005 was a good year for tech products. Here are the top 10 items or services I started using in 2005, in order.

top101) A Flickr Pro Account. For all the reasons I have raved about here, Flickr simply changes the world as far as digital photography management and sharing goes. Too bad none of my friends and family use it, because they are missing some good photos that the public cannot see.

2) My Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC. Again, for all the reasons I have talked about, I can’t imagine ever traveling without it.

3) ACDSee 8. Simply the best desktop photo management program on the market. The batch renaming function alone is worth the price. The photo editing features are not as good as Paint Shop Pro (sadly destined to a painful death now that it’s been bought by Corel), but everything else is perfect.

4) Sony Cybershot DSCV3. Yes, this seems to be the year of the digital photograph. I love this camera. If feel and features are more important to you than small size, this is a great camera choice.

5) Audacity. While not a perfect solution, it makes making podcasts a whole lot easier than it was before.

6) Technorati. Great service. Great founder. It is the backbone of the blogosphere.

7) DigMyPics. This service converted a ton of our old prints to high resolution digital photos for a very reasonable price.

8) The runner up to Technorati as the most useful new web service of the year.

9) Linksys WTR54GS Travel Router. Hotel freedom for less than $80.

10) Alias Find and Replace. As I raved about a few months ago, this may be the best software solution to the problem of whole-scale web page revisions I have ever seen.

If 2006 is anything like 2005, there’s some good tech on the horizon!

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