DJ Jazzy Bob

There’s a lot of stuff on XM Radio. 90% of it is of no interest to me, though I gladly subscribe for the other commercial free 10%. Today comes news that Bob Dylan is going to host a weekly radio show on the Deep Tracks channel (Channel 40, which is on the pre-sets in my truck).

This is going to be worth tuning into. I am interested to see if Dylan has aged into the engaging and very down to earth type like Paul McCartney (who also has a special on XM-40 right now) or the fan-hating arrogant type like Van Morrison (whose mild dislike for his fans grew into some sort of enraged hatred). It will also be interesting to see what songs he picks to play and how free and candid he is with his commentary.

XM has to add a lot of different stuff to appeal to a wide range of people. Dylan will hopefully join Whispering Bill Anderson (whose XM-10 talk show on Thursdays is my favorite talk show ever) as my favorite shows on XM.

Ed Bott is fired up about it too.

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