There's One in Every Wiki

I love Wikipedia, the collaborative web based encyclopedia. Many of my posts link there for discussions and defintions of terms I use.

There are some recent blog posts about Adam Curry, one of the veejays from MTV back when there was actually some M on the TV, and a leading figure in the development of podcasting. Some have alleged that Adam edited the Wikipedia entry on podcasting to remove credit for the development of podcasting from other people and to “inflate” his role in podcast creation.

I don’t know beans about the development of podcasting, but I know that self-policing is a key component of any collective endeavor- message board, wiki, whatever. Once a system of self-policing is in place, the potential for abuse is greatly lessened. Again, I love Wikipedia. I hope the creators and users will leave politics and competition out of this and do whatever’s necessary to respect and protect the accuracy and integrity of Wikipedia.

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