Technorati Blues – Again


It took me about forever to get Technorati to index this site. After much angst, a few emails and the inclusion of bookmark links, indexing began and my tags were picked up. That was months ago.

Now, suddenly, for no reason and after no substantive changes to my template, Technorati simply will not index this page. It just doesn’t happen. Based on my prior experience and the recent experience of others, I doubt emailing tech support will work and I’m not going to bother David Sifry.

My individual post pages will get indexed if I ping Technorati from them, but that’s not the preferred way to do it because it creates bunch of messy links back to Newsome.Org and it messes up my link count.

Granted, there are a lot of markup errors in my template, but, but, but:

1) Most of them are in the sidebars, where I have to rely on third party javascript, etc.

2) I have fixed most of the errors in the actual post template.

3) Most importantly (to the exclusion of everything else, at least in my frustrated mind) this page was being indexed for months without a problem.

I am really frustrated by this. I think Technorati is a great site and I use it as a de-facto category system here. But when it won’t index this page, it really screws me up.

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