Finding a Small Spot at the Table

kidstableThe last couple of days have been watershed days for Newsome.Org. We got a link from Scoble yesterday and then tonight we made our first appearance on Memeorandum. While that may be business as usual for veteran and highly read bloggers, it’s a happy event indeed for a relatively new blog like mine.

More importantly, it demonstrates that in the blogosphere if you keep on doing your thing, you can and will get noticed. You don’t even have to do anything outrageous or stupid. Just have something to say, read and consider some of the blogging suggestions that blog experts write, try to be as interesting and helpful as possible and, most importantly, be patient.

Having made a preliminary pass through Scoble’s feeds as part of my Scoblefeeds A-Z project, one of my initial impressions is that there is still a lot of room at the blogging table- much more room that I thought when I started blogging here. The road is open and traffic is moving. If you like to write, it’s a good time to start a blog.

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