Why Doesn't Drudge Blog?

As I have mentioned before, blogging software represents an evolutionary leap in web site content management. The right software and the right template make adding, editing, archiving and removing content a whole lot easier than it used to be. It also makes for a visually appealing and well organized web site.

So, given all of that, why does the Drudge Report still look like this? I used to start there first for breaking news, but good blog layouts have spoiled me and now I find his page to be very hard to read. A good blog makeover would do wonders for that page.

I would actually prefer a current RSS feed, but even if that’s not going to happen, a new layout would suffice.

Drudge, you’re still the man, but you need to fix your page in a big way. Set up a blog format, with sidebars and archives. Heck, do a podcast if you’re so inclined. You’ve got good content, but it’s just too hard to access and read.

Blog and blog now.

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