Friend Fishing: Pud Man

Now that Project Flickr has proved to be a complete failure, I need a new experiment. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go internet fishing for some old friends of mine.

When I started this blog I figured by posting here, sending some emails, sharing photos, etc, I’d create a happy little cyber-community and all of my current and past friends would join me in an in internet reunion and love-fest. Well, that didn’t happen. While Newsome.Org has a bunch of readers, my record as a poor correspondent who has lost touch with a lot of his old friends remains mostly intact.

Everyone who uses the internet does a Google search on himself or herself from time to time, so I’m going to cast some lines in the great Google lake and see if I can catch an old buddy or two. My bait will consist of occasional Friend Fishing posts about people I haven’t heard from in a while. Maybe some of these folks will find a link to a post about them and find their way here. I’m sure they won’t sign up for Flickr (I’m not bitter, really. I just sound that way), but maybe they’ll send an email or leave a comment and tell me what they’ve been up to.

I’m going to start with the infamous Pud Man. My old friend Kevin Morris is, like me, originally from Cheraw, SC (now a Google search for Kevin Morris and Cheraw will pick up this post).

Pud Man, as we called him for reasons I can’t recall, drove a yellow car we naturally called the Pud Mobile, until he wrecked it on Highway 9 one day. He was a good basketball player and a very smart dude. He had a very strict mom and didn’t start partying until around our senior year of high school. He made up for lost time though- I remember one night he and I got all liquored up at Pizza Inn after we got off work. He spent the night with me the night of our Senior Prom and we drove around drinking before and after the dance with our highly irritated dates. I’m pretty sure that neither of those too-nice-for-us girls ever spoke to us again.

I last spoke to Kevin in 1998. He was living in Charlotte, NC and working for a bank. He has a daughter close to Cassidy’s age.

Pud Man is the Kevin whose yard was the target in my factually accurate song, The Kansas Reflector Incident.

He is the guy making the “err” face at the far left in the photo. It’s not really possible to explain “err” after all this time, but that very important word was the inspiration for the name of my publishing company, Err Bear Music.

I’m going to toss this post in the water and see if I get a bite.

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