Hawk on the Cat

Thomas Hawk has a good post today about the Record Label Cartel’s never-ceasing effort to Stuff the Cat Back into The Bag.

I stood up and shouted Amen when I read this passage from his post:

What the media companies need to understand is that for years and years they gouged us over and over again. And now they are still trying to gouge us and at a certain point the anomosity that they have deservedly heaped upon themselves turns into outright hatred. So when the RIAA sues their customers, pouring even more gasoline on the fire, it’s amazing that they cry foul when people shun them altogether and pursue the free and illegal routes.

catoutofbagAs I’ve said over and over, there’s a way to defeat the Cartel without stealing anything. Some smart person needs to create a company that duplicates CDs and creates and duplicates the associated packaging the way Qoop produces photo books. The same company could distribute the music on CD either by itelf or via Amazon and other online stores. The same company, or even the artist himself or herself, could distribute the songs electronically via MusicMatch, Yahoo Music, etc. Take out the middle man, and all the right people benefit.

Let the cat run. Down with the Cartel. Death to Videodrome! Long live The new flesh. And all that.

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