Dual Monitors with a Notebook

I use dual monitors in my home office and have done so for years. It makes creating and editing documents much easier. Basically you have 2 side by side monitors, each having its own program(s) open. For example, I often have Word or my internet browser open on one monitor and another document in Word or my email program open on the other one. If you move the mouse over, it seamlessly moves from one monitor to the other and back.

Almost all desktops have the ability and connections to use two monitors, but notebooks are a different story. Obviously, no one wants to lug around an extra monitor to use on the road, but when you’re in the office it would be great to have dual monitor capability. Yes, you can connect one external monitor to the notebook and use it along with the notebook’s built-in monitor, but size differences and placement issues make this option less than ideal (because ideally you want the monitors to be the same size and to sit directly beside each other). Now there’s a way to use 2 external monitors with a notebook- the Matrix DualHead2Go. The suggested retail price is only $169.

An early review of the unit is pretty positive.

I will probably buy one of these for my downtown office, where I use a laptop, in order to get the dual monitor benefits I currenly enjoy at home

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