More Holes in Sony’s Foot

Mark Russinovich has another post on the Sony BMG spyware debacle. The folks that make the spyware for Sony responded and challenged four points Mark has made about this unwanted software that installs itself on your computer when you play a copy-protected Sony CD.

Mark responds point for point and concludes:

By not coming clean they are making clear to any potential customers that they are a not only technically incompetent, but also dishonest.

I doubt that Sony is being dishonest. I think it is simply trying in vain to stuff the cat back into the bag and using a questionable approach to do it.

It’s time for someone important at Sony to step up and end this mess. Tell the truth. Say that the cat running around makes you nervous. Say you made a mistake by doing this. Say you’re sorry and fix it. Then, but only then, will everything be OK.

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