He Write Good

Kevin Hales is a friend of mine and one of the best writers I know. I’ve read his posts on ACCBoards.Com for years. Now he has a blog. Kevin’s one of those rare folks who can write about anything and make it intensely interesting. Witness this excerpt from his hilarious post about the neighborhood Buddhist-in-training:

You know, the putz from some American suburb who has recently discovered Buddhism and has gotten all Zenny and over-serious? The guy who doesn’t own a TV and needs to tell everyone about it?

He will find you at parties, sometimes. His name might be, I don’t know, Benjamin. He might have a goatee, or maybe just some ridiculous spot of hair on his chin. He might say, “My name is Ben. I don’t say ‘Benjamin’ anymore because people can’t spell it.” (I never understood this.) At some point, really way too soon in the conversation, he’ll say something about Buddhism. Then he’ll say, “Not Boo-dism, mind you–Boo-thism. There’s an H in there. Not many people know that.” This will mark the first time you really really should get away from him.

But you can’t. He has identified you as the guy he’s going to mentor about Eastern philosophy tonight. He mildly, but firmly, says, “Let me ask you a question. Why do you work?” If you are smart, at this point you will stab him in the neck with the nearest moderately pointy object within reach. More of us are not smart when faced with this guy, though. We are naive. What you do is fumble a bit and then say, “Well, I guess to make money.”

Bookmark his blog. You’ll be glad you did.

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