Blog Wars, Round 2

catboxingI posted the other day about Jason Calacanis’ allegations that Creative-Weblogging has duplicateed Weblogs look and feel. I suggested this would make for interesting reading in the days ahead.

Torsten Jacobi of Creative-Weblogging has responded with some allegations of his own, including that Weblogs has copied other sites in the past.

While this is fun to watch in and of itself, the more important issue is the effect this argument and others like it will have on internet customs and practices- meaning what’s OK and what’s not OK in the cyber-frontier. Not just what’s OK legally (the lawyers will sort all of that out), but what is considred acceptable and not acceptable by the blogging community as we try to police ourselves so Congress and the lawyers won’t have to do it for us.

I don’t know the answer, but it’s an important question.

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