My Favorite Records: Blue Mountain – Dog Days

This is the seventh part in my series of favorite records.

One of my favorite alt. country bands is Blue Mountain, lead by husband and wife team of Cary Hudson and Laurie Stirratt. I think all of their records are excellent, but my favorite is still the first one I ever heard, Dog Days.

This is one of those all too rare records that has nothing but excellent songs on it. I’d love to list my favorites, but they’re all great songs. Soul Sister was the first song that grabbed my attention, reminding me of more than one girl I knew growing up:

First time that I saw her was the summer I turned 14. She was sitting on the hood of a car, at the drive in show. I saw a tear roll down her face, as she gazed up at the screen. And her black hair in the wind began to blow

Let’s Go Running is a mid-tempo guitar driven rocker that would be a standout on almost any other record. Here, it’s just another excellent song.

Wink is a wistful acoustic number about a letter and a loss- like many songs, it’s about a woman who’s gone, but like the good ones, it creates a mood and let’s you fill in the blanks with your own memories.

ZZQ is a tribute to a radio station listened to while driving the back roads:

Ten miles north of Jackson stood a tower, with 100,000 watts of power. In the parking lot after school, the skynard nation rolled the knob to 102.

Jimmy Carter
is a mostly sincere and slightly tongue in cheek tribute to my favorite President and the first song I play for someone when introducing this record:

In the bicentennial summer of our faded glory land a bright new face appeared upon the scene. Of an honest peanut farmer by the name of Jimmy Carter. His eyes were set on every school boys dream.

There are many other fine songs on this record. Anyone looking to build an alt. country library would do well to start with this record.

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