Thinkpad Tablet: Shipping Surprise

This is the third part of my Thinkpad Tablet PC adventure. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.


When I got home tonight I had an email from Lenovo telling me that “all or part” of my order has shipped. When I went to the Thinkpad web site and checked my order, the information page reported that the computer has shipped. The extra battery is treated as a “related order” and still has the very confusing dual notation of “2 weeks” and 11/9/05 (more than 2 weeks). This is no biggie, as the computer is the main thing I want, and I can wait a week or two for the extra battery.

I should have the computer on Thursday. In sum, Lenovo’s web site is a little confusing and the order status page isn’t terribly accurate, but the computer shipped 22 days after I ordered it and, given the demand and the estimated shipping dates, that is pretty good.

I’m satisfied with the time to ship. After Thursday, we’ll see how I like the computer.

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