Thinkpad Tablet: Waiting in Vain

This is the second part in my Thinkpad Tablet PC adventure. Part 1 is here.


I checked my order status last night (using Internet Explorer, of course, since Lenovo’s order status page won’t work in Firefox).

From the first time I checked my order status until last night, the information page has always stated that my computer was back ordered for “2-4 weeks.” I was hoping we were getting closer to 2, since I ordered the computer nearly 3 weeks ago. Alas, such is not the case.


Last night, the information page reported only that my computer was “back ordered” and suggested that I call for further information. The “Estimated Ship Date” column, however, has an estimated ship date of 11/8/05 for the computer and, oddly, 11/9/05 for the extra battery. A little more than a month away, assuming (which I do not) that this date is accurate.

I really want this computer, but my zeal is beginning to fade. Now that Gateway has released its new Tablet PC (heavier, but with more stuff on it), I am rethinking my commitment to the Thinkpad.

The verdict: I still slightly prefer the Thinkpad because this will be a travel computer and it is lighter. But I am not so committed to it that I will wait and wait and wait. I’ll give it another week and see where we are.

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