Stuffing the Cat Back into the Bag

emptybagI have never seen a more aggressive attempt to stuff a cat bag in the bag than the idiotic one currently being waged by the record label cartel against anything the doesn’t involve paying $15 for a CD that costs about a buck to produce. Now they’re after satellite radio.

I guess if I’d been riding the backs of artists and their fans for as long as the record labels have, I’d try to stuff that cat too. The problem is that it won’t work. The digital age is upon us record label friends and all you’re going to accomplish over the long run is to alienate people like me who used to buy a lot of your product.

Here’s what needs to happen. Some smart person needs to creat a company that duplicates CDs and creates and duplicates the associated packaging the way Qoop produces photo books. The same company could distribute the music on CD either by itelf or via Amazon and other online stores. The same company, or even the artist himself or herself, could distribute the songs electronically via MusicMatch, Yahoo Music, etc.

That would show the record labels that they don’t control the game anymore. Let’s put the power and the money back in the pockets of the artist.

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