Friday’s Link: Good News Blog


If, like me, you are getting sick and tired of the media’s obsession with fear and devastation, the Good News Blog is for you.

Here’s what the “About” page has to say: is about real news, about positive news. Its about people helping people, lucky escapes, miraculous rescues, great scientific breakthroughs. It’s about the majority of people going about their daily lives without making that bad big impact that gets them that negative headline. Its about you and me just living our daily life.

There is a definite, though not in-your-face, Christian slant to this blog. That’s a good thing (both the slant and the not in-your-face part) as far as I’m concerned, but I thought I’d point it out for those who feel differently.

After all the bad news we’ve seen, heard and read lately, the Good News Blog is a much appreciated breath of fresh air.

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