TIVO Like a Cell Phone

So now after adding DRM restrictions (or, at a minimum the capability to add them) TIVO has decided that if you cancel your subscription within the first 12 months, you have to pay a $150 early termination fee. The PVRblog tries to take the glass half full approach and hope that this is the end of the rebate approach. Perhaps that will be one good side effect, but mainly this is another attempt by TIVO to recreate itself in a market stacked against it.

TIVO was the great liberator as far as recording and time shifting programming. DirecTV blows it off, so now it’s trying to marry the cable companies, flirt with the Hollywood cartel and dress up like the only thing people hate more than their cable company- their cell phone company.

I don’t buy it. One of the greatest technologies ever is reduced to this. Pity.

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