Update: More on TIVO DRM

Engadget is reporting that the previously mentioned evidence of TIVO’s implementation of DRM continues to mount. My favorite part of that post is this comment by a reader:

What is the point of a TiVo then? They’re crippling themselves, and even though I don’t own one, it pisses me off.

I couldn’t agree more. The problem for TIVO is that it is caught between a rock (DirecTV non-support) and a hard place (Hollywood). It’s trying to recreate itself in a hostile environment. As a result, TIVO’s death throes are getting more and more hard to watch.

I’ll continue to hope that TIVO can beat the odds and remain a relevant and useful technology, as least until I conclude that TIVO is not telling the truth about this DRM business.

Note to TIVO: the best way to lose the last remaining part of your once large and loyal subscriber base would be to be less than forthcoming about this DRM business. DRM is a hot button for most of your subscribers, so the best way to address this mess is to play the “I have to do this to get the content you want” card. Blame it on the Hollywood cartel. No one likes them anyway.

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