Blogging Katrina

Hurricane Katrina (Wikipedia just keeps getting more and more integral to my information needs) is one scary storm. Two families that we are close to have relatives in New Orleans. Both families have houses full of refugees.

Here’s a Google Maps hack that shows its location. When the photo loads, click on “Hybrid” in the upper right hand corner for the best view.

Here are some blogs from people in the affected areas:

Hattie’s Blog: Hattiesburg, MS
Mark Kraft: Not local, but good collection of info.
Zelda Kitty: New Orleans
Bobbysan: New Orleans

If you know of others, please add them to the Comments and I’ll put a link here.

Updates from the Comments:

Flickr Photos
Support New Orleans
Blog from Baton Rouge

Monday Update:

Lots of good stuff on this blog.

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