Jukebox, Uncensored

You know the drill. Open up your jukebox of choice, point the shuffle feature to your entire library of songs and list, without exception, the first 10 or so songs that play. Each week, I add a little commentary about some of the artists, songs, albums, etc.

Jealous Guy – John Lennon (Imagine) (1)
See Rock City – Kate Campbell (The Portable) (2)
Midnight Rider – Waylon Jennings (The Ramblin’ Man) (3)
Satisfaction – Otis Redding (Stax Box) (4)
Waiting for Sara – Cheri Knight (The Knitter) (5)
If You Were a Bluebird – Joe Ely (Joe Ely) (6)
Daylight – Dillon Fence (Rosemary) (7)
Greensboro Woman – Townes Van Zandt (8)
Margaritas – Ronnie Jeffrey & Kent Newsome (Demo) (9)
People’s Parties – Joni Mitchell (Court and Spark) (10)

(1) Good song on a good record. I like some, but not all, of his solo stuff. Of course I am a Beatles fan, but I don’t have the extreme reverence for him that a lot of folks do. I think a lot of his stuff post-Yoko was lame. Sorry.

(2) Kate is currently on my friend Brad’s Compadre Records label. Compadre provides an outlet for a lot of great artists, and Kate is one of them (along with Billy Joe Shaver and James McMurtry). I like this song, but I like the Kentucky Headhunters song by the same name better.

(3) Decent version of a good but overplayed song by one of the fathers of the outlaw country movement. Waylon has a lot better songs and nobody does this one like the Allmans. It’s a very good album that really started the outlaw country movement.

(4) Lots of covers and similar names this week. Otis sang everything good, but again, the Stones do it better. To hear Otis at his best, try In Person at the Whisky a Go Go.

(5) I liked about two thirds of the songs made by the Blood Oranges, Cheri’s previous band. I feel the same way about her solo work. The good songs are very, very good. Some of the rock numbers feel like toss-ins. This is one of the very, very good songs on a very good album, her first solo effort.

(6) Another excellent number off of Joe Ely’s first record, released in 1977. This one and a lot of the other songs on this record became Americana classics. This remains one of my favorite Joe Ely records.

(7) I missed Dillon Fence when they were active, but I learned about them via music-related posts at ACCBoards.Com. They were/are based in Winston-Salem, NC, where I went to college.

(8) Townes has always been one of my favorite songwriters. I was fortunate enough to meet him a couple of times and he was an interesting guy to say the least. One of the magical concert moments I’ve experienced was Townes, Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson sharing the stage at Fitzgeralds back in the early nineties. This was the first TVZ record I ever bought and it’s a good one.

(9) I usually violate the Jukebox rules by skipping over my songs when they pop up. I’ll let this one slide because I had forgotten about it altogether. It’s a song I wrote about the night one of my friends met his wife. Cool people, but not one of my better songs.

(10) One of my favorite records of all time. I’ve listened to this record hundreds of time and it never gets old. Unlike many Joni Mitchell records, there’s not a bad song on it. Some so called purists have argued that it’s too pop/rock, but whatever it is, it works for me.

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