More on Google Talk and IM


Business Week is reporting that Google is reaching out to the other IM players in an effort to provide interconnectivity:

“Georges Harik, Google’s director of product management, says the company has opened communications with AOL and Yahoo, offering them interoperability on the Google Talk network free, and it will soon contact Microsoft.”

For the reasons I described last night, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft don’t want interconnectivity. This is another brilliant move by Google. One of two things will happen:

(1) these companies will begrudgingly agree to interconnect, fearing the bad press they will get if they say no. In the scenario, Google wins because it seems, based on early reviews, to have a clutter and ad-free interface that people will like.

(2) these companies will say no and continue the battle for the user base. In this scenario, Google wins because there will be a lot of bad press painting the other companies as bad citizens and Google as the great uniter.

Either way Google wins.

Bonus thought: Google would own the internet now if it had bought Flickr before Yahoo did.

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