Solving the Technorati Index Problem


Here’s a happy cure for my Technorati Blues. This page, which granted contains a lot of XHTML errors, was not getting indexed and I wanted it to be indexed so my posts would show up on Technorati. I don’t know if it was my pleading emails or some changes I made to the HTML on this page, but Newsome.Org is now being indexed by Technorati.

I approached the problem in 2 very different ways:

First, I sent a bunch of pleading emails to Technorati support. I got a response to my first one as mentioned in the prior post, but no response to my fiollow-ups. Nevertheless, there may have been a fix on the Technorati end that kick-started the indexing of this page. If so, thanks Technorati.

Second, I did a little research and added some tags to the html on this page that were designed to make it easier for the Technorati spider to find and index my posts. Immediately after I made these changes my posts started showing up on Technorati, but that may have been a coincidence (though I tend to think not).

Here’s what I did.

While searching for an answer to my indexing problems, I found the Publisher Guide in the Technorati help pages. It contains this paragraph:

How can I better identify each post?

Technorati breaks up your weblog’s home page into smaller sections such as posts and sidebars. You can help Technorati’s spiders properly identify a unique post and its proper link destination by adding a link with a defined relationship of “bookmark” for each post. For example:

<a href=”; rel=”bookmark”>Post title</a>.

That sounded promising so I found the BlogItemTitle section in my Blogger template:


and replaced it with the following text that does three things: makes my title a link to the post page for the particular post in question; adds the above referenced bookmark tag; and includes a second tag for the post title:

<a href=”” rel=”bookmark”title=””>

.Within minutes of pinging Technorati, my posts began showing up.

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