Another Nail

nailcoffinI’m getting tired of my self-imposed TIVO deathwatch, but I simply can’t help myself. PVR Wire confirms that DirecTV will soon stop marketing TIVO.

DirecTV says people who ask will still be able to get a TIVO. Of course it also says “if you don’t have a (digital video recorder) from us, you won’t be getting the DirecTV experience.” You can also still get an 8-Track tape player if you want.

The bottom line is that this is going to end up either:

Crappy: DirecTV pushes some lesser box on its subscribers, but at least switches out existing HDTV TIVOs at no cost to the customer. Then all we have to do is pay Weaknees to upgrade that box like we did for the TIVO.

Really Crappy: DirecTV pushes some lesser box on its subscribers and makes us pay for it. This would be really stupid because it would lead to the loss of a bunch of subscribers, myself included.

My prediction: They will switch out the boxes if you agree to a one or two year contract.

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