Jukebox, Uncensored

You know the drill. Open up your jukebox of choice, point the shuffle feature to your entire library of songs and list, without exception, the first 10 or so songs that play.

Storybook Endings – BR5-49 (Big Backyard Beat Show)
Canray’s Contredanse – Beausoleil (Hot Chili Mama)
The Rose of San Joaquin – Tom Russell (The Rose of San Joaquin)
Your Sweet Lovin’ – Margie Joseph (Stax Set)
My Hometown – Bruce Springsteen (Live 1975-85)
When I’m at Your House – Loudon Wainwright III (History)
Ain’t We Funky Now – Brothers Johnson (Blam!!)
Don’t Let Me Down Again – Rusty Weir (Stacked Deck)
Vulcan Death Grip – Ugly Americans (Stereophonic Spanish Fly)
Beggar’s Will – Steve Pride (Haint)