Whatever's on My Mind

Interesting conversation over at Thomas Hawk‘s page regarding Scoblegate. I think a lot of Robert and I hope and expect him to prevail in what is now a cyber-spat, but may turn into something more.

We had dinner tonight (as we do most Tuesday nights) with the Veldmans at Pico’s. Very good crab quesadillas there. The dining guides say it has live music Wed.-Sun. I’ve been there a bunch, but haven’t noticed any music. I need to look closer next time we go on the weekend. Good discussion tonight about Iraq, politics, etc. I used to be considered somewhat liberal, but Sharon makes me sound like a fascist. I’d rather talk to someone who thinks my political views are insane than someone who agrees with me on every issue, and Sharon fits that bill. She thinks I (and everyone else who isn’t a rabid democrat) am nuts. At one point Ray got frustrated trying to argue with his wife and started arguing his point to Raina. That is called preaching to the choir.

Andy and Floyd got all mad at me at work today, saying I am difficult and don’t keep confidences. I told them I appreciate the heads up and that I would not tell anyone they think that.

And a school teacher shall lead them…. Battlestar Galactica continues to move up my list of all-time favorite shows. The scene this past week outside President Roslin’s cell blew me away. The writing on that show is truly amazing.

Fred Wilson has a good read about blogging. He is a really good writer. He also turned me onto Josh Rouse, who has some great songs (Dressed Up Like Nebraska being the best) on some good records.