Zip Drives Suck, Period

zip drive

I have owned a lot of computers. I have built a lot of computers. Several of them had iomega Zip Drives in them, including the one I am using now (which I built).

At least half of the Zip Drives I have had just stop working at some point, either via the infamous “click of death” or via some mysterious and irritating failure to read any of the disks. Given that the whole idea behind these devices is to back-up data, I’d say that’s a pretty unacceptable failure rate.

The Zip Drive in my current computer suddenly can’t read any disk. And once one of these drives dies, you can no longer eject the disk without using the paper clip trick. If they are going to keep selling these crappy drives to the unsuspecting public, they should at least put a paper clip in the box.

So here’s my computer tip for today: never, ever, no matter what put a Zip Drive (or any iomega product for that matter) in any computer you build or buy. CD and DVD recorders are cheaper and more reliable and flash cards are smaller.

These sorry devices should have been recalled and destroyed years ago.