Apptic Storm: This Week’s Interesting Apps

Here are the apps, hacks and  updates I found interesting over the past week.

Smart File Advisor.  an application that helps in identifying  programs that can be used to open an unidentified  file.

Chrome Clipper.  A handy little Chrome extension that lets you save and manage text snippets for future use.

Snackr.  A robust app that adds RSS feeds to your desktop.

WindowSeat.  An iPhone app that shows you your location on the flight path while airplane mode is on.  Neat idea, but $6.99 is way too much.

SE-DesktopConstructor.  A powerful app that helps you customize your desktop background.  I like the clock and calendar features.

Bookmark Bar Switcher.  Another Chrome extension, that let’s you create and select multiple bookmark bars.

Wallcast.  Turns your desktop background into a personalized display of pictures from you, your family and your friends.

Apptic Storm: This Week’s Interesting Apps


Here are the apps, hacks and  updates I found interesting over the past week.

Comodo Time Machine.  A simple but powerful system rollback utility that lets users quickly restore their computer to an earlier point of time.  Supposedly more robust than Windows System Restore. 

Add MP3 support to AudacityAudacity is great.  Audacity without MP3 support is useless.

SnipSnip.  Easily share a snippet from a YouTube video.  This will be very useful, if it works.  I tried it, and it started at the selected place, but it didn’t stop at the selected place.

VidCoder.  This Handbrake powered encoder now has a 64-bit version.

Hamster.  While we’re on the topic of video, I’ve started using this free video converter.

Heytell.  I can’t overstate how much I enjoy this app that basically turns your iPhone or Android device into a walkie talkie.  This may become one of my most used app, if I can get my family to give it a chance.  Unlike Flickr, which they still don’t use.  Maybe they were right.

DnD Renamer.  I’m always trying to find easier ways to batch rename files.  Particularly photos.

TuneSwift.  I know from first hand experience that moving iTunes from one computer to the other can be perilous.  I haven’t tried this app, but if it works, it rocks.

That’s it for now.  If you’re a developer with a neat app, hack or update we should feature, let us know.  We’d love to check it out.