WordPress for iOS 2.6.4 Released

After I pooped all over the WordPress app the other night, I was pleased to see that an update was released today.

Version 2.6.4 allegedly fixes some bugs.  That’s good

It is now easy enough to insert, if not place, images.  It is still a huge pain to insert links.   My best tip here- use a URL shortener to save some typing.  For those like me who keep forgetting how to do links in the app, type http:  and the form will pop up.

The next thing WordPress should do is allow for a default URL shortener to be set, so all you have to do in the link URL form is type the shortened link code.  That would save a ton of time.

I wrote this post on my iPhone, and it wasn’t a completely horrible experience.  Let’s see how it turns out.

What WordPress should do is opt for a bookmarket equivalent, with a browser-based implementation of the “Press This” app that renders a minimal, but usable, web-based editor.

Just to see if I can do it, here’s a random image.

So how’d it do?

Update:  It did OK.  I like two spaces between sentences, and those didn’t make it.  But other than that and a few small screen related typos, the post came out pretty good.

4 thoughts on “WordPress for iOS 2.6.4 Released

  1. Well, copying and pasting isn’t all that easy on an iPhone/iPad. It would certainly be better than typing out the entire long link. What I really want is a default URL shortener option, so when I pull up the link form the initial link shortener URL (e.g., “bit.ly/”) is already filled in. The all I have to do is type the shortened link code.

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