Live Writer Beta + WordPress 3.0 = Jumbled Mess (for Now)

NOTE: This blog post is going to be all jumbled up.  I am trying to show the Live Writer developers a problem that exists with the current beta and WordPress 3.o

I love Live Writer.  I’m even willing to learn to live with the Ribbon in the beta version.  I love WordPress, and find 3.0 to be a nice advance of the platform.

But, at least for now, the Live Writer beta and WordPress 3.0 do not play well together.  The problem is that the photo or other graphic layout (location, placement, etc.) created in Live Writer does not make the trip through WordPress 3.0 and onto the applicable blog page.

Here are some examples, using some random screen caps.


There’s a screen cap of my Facebook profile.  I am a Go Dog Go-ocrat, because I think just about every single problem we face in society originates from the moment the first person decided it was really important to differentiate himself from all the other people.  In other words, once dogs start driving cars, it’s all over.  More importantly for purposes of this post, that graphic is supposed to be above this paragraph.

Here’s a picture of a book I just read.  I liked it.  That graphic is supposed to be below this paragraph.


For some reason, the alignment and other information is getting lost between placement in live writer and publishing to a WordPress 3.0 blog.  When I look at the published and jumbled post under the WordPress dashboard, the graphics appear to have no placement information associated with them.  By that I mean nothing is shown under the graphic, not even “None.”  That graphic is supposed to be under this paragraph.  None of these images should have words beside them.


I suspect that this problem has to do with the photo setting “Inherit from Blog” in Live Writer.  It may be that you need to specifically set the information for each photo or graphic to “None” by double clicking on the image and selecting the second choice under Picture Tools.  Let’s see if that helps.


Nope.  It’s still a mess.

Live Writer and WordPress are two of the three applications (along with Google Reader) that I use the most.  I’m sure this will get fixed.

I’m just doing my part to try and help.

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