Evening Reading: 3/31/09

Google Charity Department: So Google is thinking about putting Yahoo and Live Search buttons on its home page, huh?  Some folks think that’s charitable.  Maybe, but I tend to think it’s an attempt at a knock-out punch via comparison.  It doesn’t look like Yahoo is very appreciative of the grift.

Milhouse DepartmentEddie Bo, a legendary New Orleans musician, has died at 79.  I love his 1962 hit Check Mr. Popeye.

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes also did an excellent cover of that song.

Privacy is Dead:  A couple of people are all jazzed up because Google is going to add Google Analytics to Gmail.  I could sit here for a thousand years and not come up with even one reason why anyone should want Google Analytics embedded in their email application.  We are becoming a nation of chimpanzees while Google plays the Jane Goodall role- for profit.

And Twitter is Thirsty:  Be careful or Twitter may appropriate your meager supply of Google Juice.

Ark in the Andes Department:  Maybe that wasn’t Noah’s Ark we saw.  Maybe it was the Galactica.  If you don’t like science fiction, you’re boring.  If you aren’t boring, you need to subscribe to io9.  Great blog.

Good Bill/Bad Bill Department:  It’s a slippery slope with a fine line, but if there’s a way to severely punish online bullies without catching message boards and other content platforms in the net, I am all for it.  Send a couple of anonymous assholes to jail for a decade or two and maybe everybody will stone up and act like grownups.  Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to create an accurate net.

Revenge of the Nerds Department:  You know that guy you call a Goose?  Well he may kick you ass.  Or your dog’s ass.  Those Canadians are always looking for a fight.

Death by Wikipedia:  Microsoft is going to shutter Encarta.  I remember buying Encarta on a DVD back in the day.  Crazy how far we’ve come.

Bad Things Are Made of This:  Since most people online are lying about who they are anyway, Omegle lets you chat with a stranger with complete anonymity.  Here’s the exciting transcript from my one and only Omegle chat:

You: Hello
You: Yes, my name is Fred.
Stranger: me too!
You: Ethyl is my wife, have you seen her?
Stranger: yeh shes in my garden
Stranger: under it
You: with Ricky, no doubt. . .
Stranger: sorry

That was almost as fun as trying to talk to Steve Gillmor on Twitter.

Classic TV Department:  Someone at MTV has lost his mind.  They are actually going to show. . . music videos.

Extreme Coolness:  One of the many reasons I love vintage science fiction is because of the cool covers (seriously).  Harry Borgman, who drew some of them, is blogging.  I want a poster of the cover of Andre Norton’s Daybreak – 2250 A.D. cover.  It was the first science fiction book I read, and it’s still one of my favorites.